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deviation in storage by Metros2soul


Your soul is loud
It peeks like starlight
From the canopy of darkness
Waves of surging lava
Warm the pulsating hearts
Of the priests and saints
Down below

Elegance like the dust of galaxies
Looming planets gravitate
Towards your soul
Your smile is a shout
That us mere creatures
Can only bellow a song to
In return
In a permanent reverence
Akasa is the Goddess of Space. And an accurate description of a woman I know.
Not merely a cloud
But a weapon
Foggy with moisture
That freezes and cakes
In your lungs
They'll stop your heartbeat
If you dare to get close
Enough to their lips

Not merely a cloud
But a weapon
They carry knives in their fingers
Carving through the porcelain
Engraved on their skin

Not merely a cloud
But a weapon
More than a brief inhale
And a dangerous exhale

Let's watch the light
They'll create
With the lightening
In their sharp soul

Step back
And hold on
Not Merely a Cloud
"They" is not referring to multiple people, I am using it as a gender neutral pronoun. This poem is about a nonbinary individual.
I am weightless
Entering a dimension
Of silence
And deep green algae

I have crossed the border
That the dogs cannot follow
And for one moment
I can breathe

Isn't that silly?
My best gulp of relief
Was taken while holding my breath
And reaching out
Towards darting schools of fish

I close my eyes
I am weightless
A brief poem on my experience snorkeling in Key Largo
It can't happen
At least not tonight
Like a short burst of light
The stars all ignite
Under my skin
I can't sin
Not on a night full of peace
In the Keys

My car's been turned around
And I've found
A sunset that melts
Against the rocks
And I'm sinching my belt
No one will ever make me talk

Maybe I can ride this wave
And just maybe
This one won't crash on the shore
Like every time before

By either bravery
Or sheer stupidity,
I've reached a temporary lucidity

It just can't happen
At least not tonight
I will fight
The house speaks
Without saying words
                     We can't leave
I haven't had a breath
Of fresh air in months
                     We don't need it
It lives in the walls
Tells me stories
Through the vents
                     Of your noose
                     It'll sure look pretty
I can't remember
If my family doesn't visit
Or if I never had one
To begin with
                     It's just us
I have dwelt in this house
                     I have haunted these halls
For 13  years         For 300 years
And I swear           And I promise


I've closed more doors
Than I've opened

                     So will you
I'm going to attempt to be more active on my dA from now on. Though who the Hell knows how long that will last. Recently, I took a trip to Savannah and not only was it very much needed but the place was actually more gorgeous than words could even describe. Beautiful trees with Spanish moss dripping from them. Cobblestone was everywhere and the buildings were so rustic and had the aura of 18th century New Orleans. We went on a ghost tour at midnight and it was genuinely terrifying and interesting. I adored it so much, I didn't even care that my feet were screaming from all the walking. I got wicked drunk in the hotel room and I'm pretty sure our whole room almost had a massive orgy. I was the only one that kept their alcohol down. I ended up being the mommy all night but I didn't even care, I was just so happy to be around them.

Then right before we left, I got to meet Anne Rice. She spoke at the convention and I was an emotional mess the whole time. She signed my copy of Memnoch the Devil and I asked her what her routine was before she sat down to write. She was so patient with me and explained her whole routine. She then asked me if I was a writer and when I told her that I wanted to be one desperately, she said "You should do it. It's definitely worth it." Anne Rice is my favorite author in the entire world, past and present and it meant so much to me, I get really choked up every time I even think about it. And I plan to do just that, Anne. I will be stubborn. I will not stop. I WILL write.
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McKenzie Petersen
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I'm a writer and that is truly all I identify as. Words have always been my only means of conveying emotions.

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