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Winter Within
Summer outside
But Winter within
The window glows
With reverent heat
I bury my feet
Within folds of blankets
Exhaling frost
There is a knock upon the glass
It is the warmth of God
Asking me,
                  "Can he come out and play?"
A subtemperature breeze
Answers back with snowflakes
And a biting scream
The Summer pulses outside
While Winter rules within
:iconukebug:UkeBug 1 0
My legs are tree trunks
Toes like twisting roots
Tunneling beneath loose soil
My stomach rolls
Curve like oceanic waves
Lunging loudly across miles
And warning passing seafolk
To tread lightly
My torso is wide
Like the walls I keep around me
Lined with exhausted soldiers
That dream of sleeping
Of putting down their spears
And letting come what may
I covet myself
And the stars salt and peppered
Behind my eyelids
Because my soul clusters
Like galactic cliffs
And a century of wishes
I am the mountains
I am marine life
I am astronomy
I am abundant
:iconukebug:UkeBug 1 2
Mature content
I Only Touched :iconukebug:UkeBug 0 2
The King of Nothing
       James Smith remembered being young, hearing of men and women who had fallen into the trap of “careers”; confined within the steel bars of their own lives. He also remembered promising himself, “That will not be me.”
       James lied.
       He found himself choking down his own sour-tainted words for the past 20 or so years. The memory of his past promises always tended to revoke a vehement, guilt-ridden nausea. Today, he sat at his company-assigned desk, stabbing his fingers into the keyboard; the monotonous clacking sounding to him like small, bouncing birds picking through crumbs on the sidewalk. “Am I really any different?” James thought with a soundless sigh, bringing his hands down to rest on his thighs, “Doing only what is necessary for survival. Owning the wings to fly, yet staying in one tree, or coasting somewhere else where there’s the potential for mere existi
:iconukebug:UkeBug 0 7
Through Winter's Chill
She retains love like a child playing
Stubbornly through Winter’s chill
Running gleefully on numb thighs
Laughing until their bodies glow
Exhaling embers against a shock of white
She’s the throaty chuckle
Everyone’s memorized for the Hell of it
Because our inside jokes could stoke a fire
Prodding and churning flames against
Those who bite at our fingers
As she ever thrives through the years
We are all hugged by her like a scarf
When frost cakes in our lungs
And our breath curls like chimney smoke
:iconukebug:UkeBug 1 0
Foreign Tongues
The language of Love sounds foreign
Like a numb tongue in a heavy skull
From the Lakes of Noise was I bourne
A well-intended ship with a hollow hull
A pretender amongst the sailors
I thrust out roses with a brash hand
But my clumsy language gives way to failures
For the speech that is Love I do not understand
I am but a dinghy, made of bones and flesh
So flawed from its original design
That the game of romance and my sails do not mesh
So from these turbulent seas do I resign
For who could cradle affection for an Imp,
Who does not know the proper words?
Who cannot run, but only limp
With this truly well-intended verse
:iconukebug:UkeBug 2 2
Your soul is loud
It peeks like starlight
From the canopy of darkness
Waves of surging lava
Warm the pulsating hearts
Of the priests and saints
Down below
Elegance like the dust of galaxies
Looming planets gravitate
Towards your soul
Your smile is a shout
That us mere creatures
Can only bellow a song to
In return
In a permanent reverence
:iconukebug:UkeBug 2 3
Not Merely a Cloud
Not merely a cloud
But a weapon
Foggy with moisture
That freezes and cakes
In your lungs
They'll stop your heartbeat
If you dare to get close
Enough to their lips
Not merely a cloud
But a weapon
They carry knives in their fingers
Carving through the porcelain
Engraved on their skin
Not merely a cloud
But a weapon
More than a brief inhale
And a dangerous exhale
Let's watch the light
They'll create
With the lightening
In their sharp soul
Step back
And hold on
:iconukebug:UkeBug 4 3
I am weightless
Entering a dimension
Of silence
And deep green algae
I have crossed the border
That the dogs cannot follow
And for one moment
I can breathe
Isn't that silly?
My best gulp of relief
Was taken while holding my breath
And reaching out
Towards darting schools of fish
I close my eyes
I am weightless
:iconukebug:UkeBug 4 0
I Will Fight
It can't happen
At least not tonight
Like a short burst of light
The stars all ignite
Under my skin
I can't sin
Not on a night full of peace
In the Keys
My car's been turned around
And I've found
A sunset that melts
Against the rocks
And I'm sinching my belt
No one will ever make me talk
Maybe I can ride this wave
And just maybe
This one won't crash on the shore
Like every time before
By either bravery
Or sheer stupidity,
I've reached a temporary lucidity
It just can't happen
At least not tonight
I will fight
:iconukebug:UkeBug 4 7
Through the Vents
The house speaks
Without saying words
                     We can't leave
I haven't had a breath
Of fresh air in months
                     We don't need it
It lives in the walls
Tells me stories
Through the vents
                     Of your noose
                     It'll sure look pretty
I can't remember
If my family doesn't visit
Or if I never had one
To begin with
                     It's just us
I have dwelt in this house
                     I have haunted these halls
For 13  years         For 300 years
And I swear           And I promise
I've closed more doors
:iconukebug:UkeBug 2 0
If The Sea is Clear Enough
Poetry comes from Beauty, Beauty comes from Understanding, and Understanding of any kind, comes froma sense of Universal Relevancy. The best pieces of poetry have lilting cobwebs of who we are hanging from the curvature of their words. A poet throws their fishing line onto clouds of Beauty and knots the other end to the spokes of their ribcage. And rather than crank the reel, we dangle from it; allowing water currents to swirl around us.
My line has snapped. I can see the golden glint of the hook nestled in the white sand, but I can't feel it's bite in my palm.
But, to Hell with any notion that suggests that I can't dive down in the swallowing silence and retrieve it.
:iconukebug:UkeBug 1 0
Meet Me In The Stars
April 2nd, 7:21 a.m.
"Today's going to be different,"
She believed
She had studied the material
Gone over the quizzes
And the teacher called her lazy
For arriving late again
April 7th, 12:06 p.m.
"Today's going to be different,"
She told herself
'It gets better'
Won't sound like empty words today
She hid her scars well
April 8th, 11:45 a.m.
"Today's going to be different,"
She droned
White static hissed across her thoughts
She had failed her math test
April 9th, 8:54 a.m.
"Today's going to be different,"
That's laughable
She does not reach out
With anything other than eye-contact
Isolation rots her soul
April 12th, 2:37 p.m.
"Tonight's going to be different,"
And it was
April 12th, 7:03 p.m.
Her mother's shaking hands
Hold a piece of stained paper
That reads,
          "Meet me in the stars"
:iconukebug:UkeBug 5 0
The taste of cigars
That's what her tongue held for me
:iconukebug:UkeBug 1 2
Mature content
You Shouldn't Say 'Fuck' :iconukebug:UkeBug 2 2
Midnight Ocean
They've said the sands feel like silk
They were right
They've said sea foam feels like God's breath
And I believe them tonight
I've walked into Infinity
Where a zipper-line crosses the sky
I am not afraid of the ocean's salty kiss
I am not afraid to die
:iconukebug:UkeBug 2 0


Day #4 "Via negativia; today, pick a habit that you’d like to eliminate from your life. Bad habits are like armpits, we all have ‘em and they all stink. Whether cutting soda out of your life, or putting a stop to your porn addiction; either way, as with yesterday, think about the steps you’ll take in order to put the kibosh on that negative habit. And again, also think about how you’ll keep yourself accountable to that goal."

You will never stop me from watching good porn, so be quiet about that. But I definitely plan on cutting out my procrastinating this upcoming term. It shouldn't be too difficult considering my friend, Lee, also has this class with me. (And she is quite good at keeping "on the ball").
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